Frequently Asked Questions

It is a data repository of all the cooperative societies ranging from primary to apex level either registered with State RCS or Functional Registrar or registered with CRCS.

One may search the cooperative societies under all registration or society accepted list by Name of Cooperative Society or Registration Number or Location Details, etc.

Functional Cooperatives are those which are registered with concern registration authority, doing business activities and providing the statutory audit and annual reports regularly.

It is the year in which data entry on the NCD Portal has been made.

Year of Registration means the year in which the cooperative society get registered with the concerned registration authority.

In the States, Cooperative societies are either registered with Registrar of Cooperative Societies Offices (RCS) or Functional Registrar Offices. All those registrars who do not fall in the jurisdiction of State Registrar of Cooperative Societies (RCS) are known as Functional Registrars. The functional Registrars mainly register cooperatives of a particular sector.

Area of Operation of particular cooperatives may be defined as the geographical region from which the cooperative society having their members.